Reverse Sneezing In Dogs

Reverse Sneezing In Dogs

What does it mean? What causes it?  Can it be treated?

       Reverse sneezing- Formally known as a laryngospasm, a reverse sneeze often sounds as if a dog is struggling to draw in air.

It is termed “reverse sneeze” because the dog is inhaling air rapidly and forcefully instead of expelling air, as with a normal sneeze. Smaller breeds are more prone to reverse sneezing and may have several episodes a day.

The good news is that your dog isn’t dying, not even close. That loud snorting sound, which can go on for a few minutes, is most likely is caused by irritation to the throat, pharynx or laryngeal area. This can be from excitement, pulling on the leash, inhalant irritants (pollen, strong odors), respiratory infections, post nasal drip, or for some dogs, sudden changes in temperature — i.e. leaving a warm house to very cold outdoor temperatures.

To help end the attack, stroke your dog’s throat to encourage him to swallow or very briefly place your hand over his nostrils.


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